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Warrior Team Information


Our goal is to see our players grow over the course of the year. Each player will be asked to set small goals and work on them in off time to help themselves attain these goals with the support of Coaching Staff, Parents, and Teammates.  SMALL STEPS LEAD TO BIG CHANGES!!

Fees and Registration:

2023 fees are $500.00 per player.  This includes cost of registration, winter training facility, and a minimum of six tournaments.  Families with more than one child playing will be required to pay $450.00 for every extra player from that family.  First installment of $300 is required at time of registration, deadline by Friday, October 7, 2022.  Final installment of $200 is due by Jan 30, 2023. Payment options are available upon request.  You child participating is the most important aspect of our organization.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if assistance is needed.

Participation in our pizza fundraiser is required, with a minimum to sell 35 pizzas or pay $150 for a buy-out.   Participation in other fundraisers selected by the Board, such as brat fries, are required.  

We will try to keep our Tribe together for as many tournaments as possible, to help alleviate parents with children in multiple age groups.    

For those of you that are not part of the Warrior program, but looking for a place to practice over the winter, we offer a winter practice package. For additional information please contact Tim Edens at 920-707-2614. 


Uniforms and any extra apparel are the responsibility of the players.  For the  2023 season, the standard uniform consists of 1 jersey top, 2 pairs of socks (red & black), 2 pairs of pants (red & black) & 2 belts (red & black).  Cost is $125.  Helmets and extra jersey tops can be purchased during the uniform sizing period.


There will be fundraising opportunities to help offset the cost of uniforms. Any child who fundraises over the minimum requirement of pizzas, half of the the extra profit generated will be credited towards your uniform costs as summarized below.  

You will earn money towards the uniform cost based on pizza sales breakout below:
35 - 40 = $2.00 per Pizza
41 - 50 = $2.50 per Pizza
51 - 67 = $3.00 per Pizza
68 +     = Free Uniform 


All applying Coaches and Volunteers will be required to pass a criminal background check done by a third party.  In addition, all Coaches will be given a mandatory assessment test.  All participating volunteers will undergo a Midwest Warrior Fastpitch Softball Child Abuse /Molestation Risk Management Program.  This will help our organization provide the safest possible environment for our players to learn and grow in.  

Parental Involvement:

We understand the level of commitment each Parent is responsible for. We VALUE the investment of TIME, FINANACES and VOLUNTEERING each parent contributes to make these Players successful. Each team will have a Parent Representative and Team notebook for parents to voice their concerns or raise questions. When there is a decision that impacts a particular team, it will be the responsibility of the parents to vote on the decision. There are numerous ways to be an active part of our Warrior Tribe! Watch for opportunities to be an asset.  The club expects 2 volunteer hours per year per player.

Each player, Parent, Volunteer, Coach, and Board Member is required to sign a Warrior Code of Conduct.  Any infractions that are made will have direct repercussions for the offense determined by a vote of the Board.    


Any concerns of parents, players or others can be addressed to the Warrior Board Liaison officer, Allen Olson , by using this LINK.  He will then bring the concern to the entire Warrior Board.

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