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MidWest Warriors is a fastpitch softball team that is dedicated to helping young athletes develop and reach their potential in the sport. Our team offers evening practice sessions where players can get better and hone their skills in hitting, base running, fielding and more. We are passionate about inspiring our athletes to strive for greatness and to enjoy the game of softball.

For more information, please contact Coach Edens. We look forward to seeing you on the field

What to Expect 

Fall Evening Workouts are designed to help players of all ages develop and refine their skills. Our program focuses on fielding, ground up skills, and touching the ball with a variety of drills on the field, bases and more. With the right coaching, players will have the confidence to make game-winning plays in the field. Join us for our Fall Evening Workouts and take your game to the next level

Base Running & Speed

Developing and mastering skills such as baserunning, getting faster, timed running, and the fundamentals of rounding the bases. Our program includes drills, exercises, and a lot of practice time to help our players become the best they can be. 


Hitting Program is designed to help players take their game to the next level. Through our drills and exercises, players will learn the proper technique and fundamentals to hit the ball deep into the outfield. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hitter, the Fall Workouts will help you take your game to the next level.


Felding practice focuses on keeping an eye on the ball, getting lots of touches, throwing with quickness, and repetition to build muscle memory so that you know where to go with the ball. We'll help you develop the skills you need to become a champion fielder.

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