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Proudly Fielding Our Teams...And It's Growing Fast!!

With each passing day we are receiving more and more girls! It's not to late to be a part of our TRIBE!!  All girls from ages 8-18 are signing up to be part of the Warrior program.  All Skill levels are welcomed, we are looking to build Warriors!  Only requirement is the desire to learn all aspects of fast pitch softball and ability to challenge yourself!  We are fielding your teammates from Green Bay to Oshkosh. Warriors have no boundaries !! 


Midwest Warrior Fastpitch believes every child that desires to play  softball should have the opportunity to play this incredible sport.  It is not our intention to fill trophy cases, there is more to learn than winning.  The level of competitiveness is determined by our players, not parents or coaches.  Our goal is to help each individual player see that they can exceed their own limitations, both on and off the field.  We encourage healthy team development through hard work and a positive attitude. We strive to exhibit leadership, integrity, dedication, and commitment to personal growth of our entire organization.


One child at a time, one pitch at a time….all for the fun and love of the game.  Strengthening minds, strengthening bodies, strengthening families and strengthening communities 


Coach Tim Edens   

Board President & Coach 


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